Conservatory Roof Cleaning

SB Cleaning Services have invested in the latest equipment to be able to clean your conservatory, whether this be the whole conservatory or just the roof. Most of our regular customers include the conservatory to be cleaned at the same time when having their windows cleaned. However the conservatory roof is a seperate clean and normally an appointment is arranged for us to come and clean the roof. We recommend that you should have your conservatory roofs cleaned about twice a year.
Helpful Information
You will need to be more careful cleaning a polycarbonate roof than a glass one. Common household cleaners can damage the chemical coatings the manufacturer may have applied to shield it from the UV rays. You should check the cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer or builder. Never use any petrol based cleaner. Cleaning the polycarbonate roof with pure water is one of the best ways to clean this sort of roof.

Conservatory roof cleaning Worcester

If you have specified self cleaning glass for your conservatory it will stay cleaner for longer than untreated glass. However it will need cleaning from time-to-time and depending on the direction your conservatory is facing and where you live, there will be varying amounts of moss and lichens appearing and inevitably algae and bird droppings that will need to be cleaned off.
Advantages of having your Conservatory cleaned with water fed poles and purified water.
As already discussed in the window cleaning section, your frames and sills are cleaned as well as the glass every time you have a clean. The Glass & UPVC stays cleaner longer due to having no washing liquid residue or chemicals etc left in the frames. The system also works brilliantly in the rain enabling regular cleaning all year round, keeping your Conservatory in Tip Top condition!
* Important Note
Lots of homes have conservatories, but the one thing about them is that while they look nice when they are new, they rapidly develop a green slime over them. This green covering of algae is particularly noticeable when you consider that most conservatories are white Upvc. Now while it’s relatively straightforward for a homeowner to clean the windows, frames and window sills of their conservatory, by either doing it themselves, or employing the services of SB Cleaning Services to do it for them, cleaning the roof is not such a straightforward task.


Many people think that is okay to pressure wash a conservatory roof, but it actually isn’t. The pressure washer, while it will get the roof clean, will also damage the seals of the glass or plastic roof panels. This results in the roof springing leaks.So contact us or ask us when we are cleaning your windows.

Best time to clean your conservatory roof?

Now is the best time of the year to clean your conservatory roof as all the moss and algae will only increase.

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